Drip not carrying the millennial definition.

Drip carrying weight, the evolution of denim and African print.

While amplifying inclusivity and mental health representation.

Sharing our struggles through a statement of fashion,

A blend of thick denim and breathable print reminds us all through hardship comes ease or better yet there’s no dream you cannot achieve.

I hope you get what

You see the African print celebrates black culture, promoting pride in our identity and our heritage.

A style that has been kept alive through generations,

And never seems to grow vintage.

The denim represents the importance of recycling and reducing overconsumption.

Which affects us all if we're being honest.

The hairstyles represent who we are and our roots,

A thick braid or two is common in our physical appearance.

Worn proudly as it keeps us

Afro drip is about connecting fashion and creativity while empowering each other.

Both masculine and feminine

It’s reimagining Afro-centric style with Denim.

Building a space where we all get to collaborate,

You’re not alone in your quest to create,

as it takes a community to bring a vision

Let this be a new chapter of what’s coming and an invitation for you

to be part of this journey

With gratitude, we thank each one of you and we shall continue together to redefine fashion with purpose and passion.


Outfit and set design : NSHINGE DESIGN

Creative director : Francine Muhoza

Poet : Elwad

Models : Ariette pamela, clemence mugabo , James Ishimwe , Beney.bee Monteessa @n_stiggy_

Stylist : Nylagrace

Hair stylist: Melissa Byicaza

Photographer: Ogo Jonathan